Ciao Italy

It’s been an entire week since I left Italy.  It’s crazy how quickly life returns to normal as you settle in and shuffle through the day to day routine.  I know that the next weeks, months, and years will go by quicker than I necessarily want them to, but Urbino will always hold a special place in my story and experience. Continue reading

Fourteen Hours in Rome and Heading Home

Wow.  I can’t believe that this adventure is over.  It really does feel like I just woke up from a dream!  Three days ago, the traveling finally stopped, and I arrived at home.

Last Friday morning, a van took us from the Urbino dorms to the Fiumicino Airport in Rome.  We arrived a little after 9:00am.  My flight wasn’t scheduled to leave until 11:00pm, so I had decided to go into Rome on my own for the day and see as much as I could in fourteen hours. Continue reading

Tasting Italy

Food.  Italian food is delicious!  I don’t really know how to put it into words, but I have enjoyed everything that I have tasted!  I am not a food connoisseur, nor will I pretend to be.  So this post will be short as I share this with you in the best way that I know how – through photographs.

I don’t have pictures of every meal, barely any of them really.  But these are a few that I’ve snapped along the way to give you a small glimpse of the tastes that we’ve had. Continue reading

Quick Trip to Ancona

It is absolutely insane how time flies. It feels like almost yesterday that we arrived in Italy. With our last free weekend coming close, four of us decided to visit Ancona for the weekend. Ancona is a port town about 50 minutes away from Pesaro by train. We were hoping to find a nice beach town that was different than Pesaro for the weekend. 

My first impression of Ancona was “dirty”. We got off of the train station and walked across the the main street to find our hostel. We had to go past a large gathering of garbage, up a couple of stairs, and partway up the hill to find it. This, of course, was all after our initial wrong turn.  Continue reading

Forty-Eight Hours in Venice

If you missed the bit about our journey to Venice, you can read about it here.  We went to Venice three weekends ago.  Here is a little bit about the trip!

Upon arriving in Venice, our first mission was to find lunch.  It had been ages since we had dragged ourselves to the bus station in Urbino.  We found a small pizzeria tucked at the end of an alleyway a short distance from the train station.  The pizza was 4,50 euros each and we made the mistake of ordering water – we thought that tap water was a safe option.  It cost over 5,00 euros for all three of us to drink tap water.  I think we may have accidentally bought the cups. Continue reading

The Mountains Called

Sunday is a day of rest, or so it is supposed to be.  It is not always honored as such.

The past four weeks have been extremely busy!  Journalism stories were completed through interviews, writing, photographing, rewriting, and rephotographing.  It was exciting and exhausting and stressful, all at the same time.   Continue reading

Farewell to Some Friends

This morning at approximately 5:30am, (almost) all of the friends that I’ve spent the last four weeks with boarded a bus and took off for Rome. Some to stay for the weekend and some to catch planes home.

Let me tell you about those friends.

When I arrived in the Rome airport exactly a month ago, I did not know a single soul. There were a lot of students from JMU, but none that I had met. There were also Continue reading

Traveling to Venice

Right now, as I write this (five hours ago), I am sitting on a Trenitalia train, riding through Italian farmland. Number 9817. Bound for Pesaro. I spent the past forty-eight hours in Venice with Jules and Rachel, two good friends from the study abroad trip so far. 

Three days ago, Thursday June 11th, we sat down and scoured the Internet for information on traveling to Venice for the weekend.  We didn’t want to spend a fortune, but we also didn’t want to sleep in an alley. And, we were on a time crunch with unreliable Internet connection. Continue reading

Invisible and Deaf and Mute

I am sitting in a bar/cafe/restaurant that sits right outside of the Benelli shotgun factory in Urbino.  Some of you may be familiar with Benelli shotguns, they are sold in the United States and around the world.

To get here, I had to take a bus from the Porta Santa Lucia which is a shopping mall/complex right outside of the city walls.  The lady at the ticket desk really didn’t speak English and neither did the bus driver.  I was the only passenger on the bus Continue reading

Settling in and Learning Urbino

It has been an entire week since the bumpy, twisty, turning bus ride from Rome to Urbino.  A little over a week at that.  It’s been a wonderful process of settling in, getting to know the people, and learning this town.

Urbino is a small town, tucked into the hills of Italy.  It’s main feature is the Palazzo Ducale – The Ducal Palace.  The dorms of the collegio are about twenty minute walk from the classroom and from town. Heading in the direction of main piazza (main Continue reading